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Really cool.

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Professional Development. #prsa (at Holiday Inn)

National Coffee Day! Yay! #coffee #illy

Our new business card rocks!

This is a great post by the Harvard Business Review and Meredith Fineman of FinePoint Design Digital PR.

Work smart, not hard.  You are never “too busy” to do the things that you want to do.  There is some great advice here on time management skills:

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Best Times to Post on Social Media

Did you ever wonder when the best times to post on social media are?  Here is an interesting story…

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Dear Society,

If you think a woman in a tan vinyl bra and underwear, grabbing her crotch and grinding up on a dance partner is raunchy, trashy, and offensive but you don’t think her dance partner is raunchy, trashy, or offensive as he sings a song about “blurred” lines of consent and…

Well said.

Do you have a Facebook marketing strategy?  Should you?  Of course, you should!  It doesn’t have to be difficult or ultra time-consuming!  Read Social Media Examiner’s article to find out how easy it really is!


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Trust Your Instincts

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Awesome #craftbeer at Trio with Gregory. – View on Path.

Produced by KMTtheBrand Radio c 2013.

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YouTube is a free video-centric website where users can upload, share, and view videos.  It was founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees and was bought by Google in 2006.  Currently, YouTube boasts one billion unique users and is the second largest search engine on the web.  72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, with over 25% of YouTube video viewing occurring on mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Androids, and Kindles.

YouTube began as a music video sharing site where you could check out the latest music videos from your favorite bands.  In addition to music videos, you now can find information on travel and events, education, news and politics, non-profits and activism, “how to’s”, home and style, pets and animals, science and technology, blogs and people, entertainment, gaming, and autos and vehicles. 

The Harlem Shake, Gangnum Style, Call Me Maybe, RickRoll’D, and Flash Mobs have all become overnight viral sensations thanks to YouTube.  YouTube users shared their own versions of The Harlem Shake, Call Me Maybe, and Flash Mobs produced at home, in the workplace, in public spaces, and at weddings helping to create fun and increase the popularity of these fads.

YouTube is great to use for educational, cooking, and “how to” video directions.  Just searching “How to Peel Garlic” gives you nearly 13,000 results! So if you want to learn how to do, make, build, or cook something, there are a ton of great videos (and some not so great) on YouTube that you can view!

You do not have to have a YouTube account to search and watch the videos, you do if you want to upload and share them. If you already have a Google or Gmail account, you already have YouTube access.  If not, you can of course search “How to Create a YouTube Account” on YouTube and watch a video, or just follow these simple steps:

·        Visit www.youtube.com.

·        Click the “Sign In” button in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

·        Click on the button next to the “New to YouTube?” question in the upper right hand corner of the page that says “Create an Account.” You can create a personal or business account depending on what you want to share.  The following directions are focused on creating a personal account.

·        If you already have a Gmail account, you have a YouTube account.  You can just put in your Gmail email and password to continue with the set up.  If you don’t have a Gmail account, this is where you provide the requested information including your name, requested Google username, and password.

·        You will be asked for a telephone number to verify your account and then Google will either call or text you with a verification code.  Once you receive the code, enter it into the box stating “Verify Your Account” which completes the account set up process.

·        You can now add a profile photograph and your own background graphic or picture, amongst other items.  You don’t have complete this step, although it is recommended that you set up a profile with at least a photograph of yourself or something that you would like to share on YouTube.  Please remember, only use photographs which you have taken or that you are legally authorized to share!

·        Once you have an account, you can upload videos from your desktop or laptop, smartphone, tablet, and iPad by either using the YouTube website or by using the YouTube application which you can download from the Apple or Android app stores.  You can then share them with family and friends via a web link, email, or any various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, LinkedIn, Wordpress, and so many more. Videos can be shared in HD or standard definition.

·        A few other YouTube features include being able to tag videos by type so that they are searchable, deciding who you want to view and comment on your videos, adding friends just like you can do other social media sites, following users that interest you, and being able to create your own YouTube channel where you can share your own original videos, as well as those of other YouTube users.


A few tips:

·        In creating a YouTube account, you are also creating a Gmail account which you do or do not have to use for emails.

·        What you do on YouTube is completely separate from Google’s other sister sites.  For example, what you upload and post to YouTube will not automatically be visible on Google+.  If you want to share your YouTube creations on other social media sites, you have to either set this up to happen automatically or share them manually.

·        Only upload videos which you have taken.  If they have music in them, they could infringe on copyright rules so be careful.  YouTube does monitor this and will alert you if they think that you may be infringing on someone else’s musical copyright.

·        You do have to deal with advertising on the free version, although you can set ad preferences in your Google account under the ad settings section so that you see ads that may be relevant to you.

·        You can follow other users so that their videos are in your personal video stream as they are released.

·        You can even set up your own YouTube channel which highlights your videos and can highlight those of others that you are interested in and want to share.

·        YouTube allows you to create playlists just like you do on iTunes, but in video form.  This is really cool if you want to have set of videos streaming on your laptop, PC, or Smart TV during an event like a family reunion, wedding anniversary, birthday party, wedding reception, shower, or any other event that you would like to feature.

For help with setting up and using YouTube, as well as other items such as copyright, sharing, and advanced features including limiting advertisements, visit the YouTube help website at https://support.google.com/youtube .

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